MRT - Music Recognition Technology (in combination with Neighbouring Rights collecting)

MRT: More and more clubs, bars and festivals use this technology for monitoring DJ sets. They place a box with an internet connection in the clubs, that "listens" to the music played in the venue. We deliver your content so whenever one of your tracks gets identified, the collecting societies will receive this information so that your rights and public performance revenue grows and is accounted to you.

Neighboring Rights collecting: Our Neighbouring Rights system collects the above mentioned money worldwide + the by Pandora, SiriusXM, Digitally Imported, Gravy, 8Tracks, Songza, iHeart Radio, Google Play Music, Last.FM,, PioneerDjRadio, Turntable.FM - and many more - generated revenues.

Paradise has control over the Rights Supply Chain which covers Technology, Identification, Matching and Collection. Various Boxes such as DjMonitor or Yacast, BMAT, Gracenote and Soundmouse are part of this system, so that your revenue will be found and accounted to you. 

Paradise Music Rights Supply Chain (Animated Version)