Company Network Profile

Paradise Company Profile:

Founded in 2009, the Paradise Entertainment & Distribution GmbH is an independent digital music and video distributor network based in the music epicenters of Berlin and San Francisco. With over a decade of fostering established relationships in the entertainment industry, a worldwide network, and a proven track record of staying ahead of market trends, Paradise stands as one of the premier aggregators and Music Multi Channel Network in the digital media landscape. 

In 2014 Paradise launched the subsidiary company Paradise Americas LLC, located in San Francisco, California.

Launch of the PRDS DIRECT technology in 2016.

Paradise has developed its own state-of-the-art content management, delivery and monetization system that provides an efficient and flexible tool to process high-volumes of content with superior results. 

Our system's advanced Publishing features allow us to collect & display mechanical, performance, and sync royalties on our clients' behalf, ensuring the money earned stays in the artists' pockets.

The Paradise network includes hundreds of music, video and entertainment creators with a premier monetization mechanism and promotion platform.

Our comprehensive label services provide our clients with a full suite of tools to effectively manage all aspects of their business so they can focus on the music instead of the admin.

This hybrid of technological independence and deep knowledge of the digital music and publishing models make Paradise the full-service solution for effective label management and brand integration.

Paradise Portfolio:

  • 2000+ YouTube & Soundcloud Channels & Profiles
  • Digital music & video distribution to all relevant Streaming and Download stores worldwide.
  • Digital Mechanicals Management: By encouraging & building direct distribution and accounting platforms, we help the rights-owners fully monetize and collect mechanical royalties on their behalf.
  • Neigboring Rights & Music Recognition Technology (MRT): we collect your rights worldwide, in combination with MRT.
  • Format Production & Channel Technologies:  Paradise helps the labels survive the digital jungle by taking advantage of new formats from both the special interest shops and the mainstream portals, including iTunes / Apple Extra Production, Podcasting, Youtube Channel Management, Video-content and Spotify Playlist services.
  • Full Service Label Management: We offer a host of label tools including YouTube Channel Management, Copyright Protection, SoMe Campaigns, Social Media engagement, Metadata Support, Audio Mastering and our Artist Statement Service (ASS) which generates finalized statements for each individual artist. Our suite of services streamline the time and resources needed for efficient label management.
  • A-la carte Distribution: Each label is unique, and each label has it's own vision. We offer custom distribution models specifically tailored to our labels' needs by setting-up mixed distribution plans for different markets like the USA, Europe, Asia, Africa & the Near East. Our experts understand and work with our client's to reinforce their particular concept. 
  • PRDS-Direct: Digital Distribution and Monetization for artists, who want to keep 100% of their rights without needing a label.
  • Video Distribution & Video Monetization: Beside Youtube, social platforms like Facebook are a dominant medium for people to discover and listen to music. In addition to our video distribution service, we are one of the few experts in the emerging ContentID and Scan & Match technology fields to collect royalties for music played in videos, regardless of who uploaded it.