Long live Europe

It has never been as critical as now: The EU is in danger of falling apart. Open borders, freedom of movement, freedom of goods traffic and peaceful exchange are valuable achievements nobody wants to lose - never forget, 75 years ago, we met each other on the european battlefield - instead of at the table. 

Geert Wilders (Netherlands), Marine Le Pen (France), Frauke Petry (Germany),  Jarosław Kaczyński (Poland), Viktor Orbán (Hungary) or Norbert Hofer (Austria) do not have solutions,  they are narcisstic, full of hate and can ruin us all. 

Do not let the idiots win, explain the "frustrated" social class what will happen with their jobs or social security after they have voted for these windbags. Also explain them that we - the western countries -  are guilty of war in the Near East, under the US leadership. We could easily become the next refugees, standing in front of walls or fences. 

Fight multinational corporations, they are the real enemy. Scare away populists like Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Horst Seehofer.

Be brave and become political. Stay independent and do not act like a lemming. We only have one life. 

Refugees welcome.