Futurist (by Blade & Beard from Raving Iran)

Blade & Beard, the musical brotherhood of Anoosh & Arash. 

Throwing Party in Iran is generally forbidden & illegal. So it’s very complicated very risky to do. Finding trustworthy people and managing the party, from location to equipment in Iran is very hard. The duo Blade & Beard was always aware of the dangers these activities brought with them and they had to stay as far away as possible from the radical police force.

Organising a party is a crime, and it is punished just as such. Anoosh being arrested several times and being beaten to near death, did not stop them to keep on going!
A 1000km away from Teheran they started a party inspired by “Burning Man” in the middle of the desert, back in 2008. Years of experience started attracting tourist and also the director of the documentary 'Raving Iran', Susanne Regina Meures. She followed the parties and the life of the two boys and published the documentary in 2013.

Anoosh and Arash were invited to travel to Switzerland and perform at the Street Parade, yet decided to stay in Switzerland afterwards. Fast forward to today, and the two bright young men are on the merge of a steep career, founding their own label, showcasing some of best young talents around.

You better watch out for two tough artists, their story will continue under the Futurist label .. 

RAVING IRAN | Trailer deutsch german [HD]